Company Introduction

Incorp International Inc. (“Incorp”) provides comprehensive incorporating services to individual and companies who want to start a company in the United States. Incorp also provide a number of peripheral services such as agent service, document translation, documents authentication in Chinese U.S. Embassy and consulates, document preparation for U.S. visa application, document preparation for L1 visa application, etc.

Incorporating a business in the United States may be your dream, but the process is complex in most states.  Moreover, you want to do it right so the corporation you create can provide necessary benefits and protections to their owners.  Let us help you.  We have experienced and skilled people specialized in this area.  Moreover, we work closely with licensed U.S. attorneys for any difficult situation.

The process is simply. Once you contact us, a case is set up and a manager will oversee your case.  After you make the required payment, we will ask you for certain information and documents. It normally takes about one to two weeks to incorporate a business depending on the state you wish to have a business. We will provide you all documents and certificate. For other services, we will tell you the time and other details.

Please contact us today for more information.